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TFocus Energy’s core focus is Energy Protection and Management. Our primary concern is to reduce your energy bills, reclaim historical overpayments and enable your organisation to invest in affordable practical renewable energy tailor made to your site(s) and consumption needs.

We aim to give your management team and key stakeholders a clear dashboard view of energy usage, consumption and savings options.

We believe in true visibility, indepth measurement and continuous improvement.

We can also help you on the path to Net Zero in a smooth cost effective way that inspires your team to assume responsibility. This is not just Net Zero for the sake of the planet; it is more focused on optimising your Energy Protection and Management. We go further by guiding you to embed a sustainable ESG Growth Culture.

By letting your team take charge with the guidance and mentorship of true energy and motivation professionals, together we can enable your organisation to grow profitably and sustainably in the long term.

In turn we enhance your brand(s) reputation and company value with our progressive growth mindset.

Our overall goal at TFocus Energy and Transaction Focus is to enable you to accelerate profitable sustainable growth.

This progress can be hampered by energy price hike volatility that will continue in 2023.

Please let us help you take fast action:- First of all ask to conduct an Energy Bill Reclaim survey free of charge.

How we help customers save money...

360 degree energy experience

Carly - TFocusEnergy

Carly McBeth

20 years of multi skilled experience within the energy industry, 10 years spent working for Npower which covered a range of roles starting in customer service moving onto complaints, sales, management & coaching.

10 years working as an energy consultant, 7 years spent working for a large consultancy as an energy/sustainability consultant, 3 years as director for my own energy consultancy.

Charles Smee – Founder and CEO Transaction Focus

Charles has 35 years of sales and marketing on five continents improving sales and marketing performance and efficiencies for major brands , such as BAT, Coca-Cola, Hilti, IBM, Intel , Kellogg and Kimberly-Clark amongst many others.

Since 2004, Transaction Focus has upheld lean, keen and green ethical working principles and we have championed sustainable homeworking , focusing on PSR (Personal Social Responsibility) and healthy family life alongside CSR.

Our TFocus team believe that Employees and Stakeholders need to be empowered to drive ESGs and Sustainability faster and harder using new measurement technologies.

Transaction Focus also has conducted energy saving business development campaigns for ALE, BP Solar, Constructing Better Health, Economy, Gas-Elec and Sun Connect.

John-Hogan - TFocusEnergy

John Hogan

John is a seasoned multinational CEO who now consults and mentors medium size businesses about improving profitability and managing complex change. He was previously CEO of DHL UK and Ireland and Securicor Omega Express and Rexel (France) for more than 14 years. At Rexel, he set up the Rexel LED Energy division. He typifies our team can do attitude and genuinely is driven to help businesses come out of this energy crisis stronger, more resilient and more flexible.


Simon Shuker is an award-winning engineer and innovator who has worked within renewable energy and infrastructure for more than 35 years, commencing his experience leading a team designing anaerobic digestion plant (AD) schemes with electricity export to the grid, and distributed hot water to factory and residential premises. He has since worked on EFW and AD schemes, distributed heat and renewable energy schemes of all types. He is currently taking a part-time MSc in Advanced Manufacturing and Industry 4.0 at University of Wales Trinity St Davids.

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