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ESG Growth Culture

ESG and Net Zero adoption can a be a catalyst for growth.


Transaction Focus are coming into the Energy market with a fresh lime green perspective : to create true green growth. A key step is establishing an ESG Growth Culture. We have been helping SMEs and Fortune 500 organisations grow brands and sales for 18 years so we know what we are talking about.

At TFocus Energy we believe that embracing ESG Growth Culture and Net Zero is a natural way to bond your team to make substantial energy savings that can fund renewable energy sources and enhance your Corporate brand reputation and inspire your team to grow.

It should be a team effort that everyone buys into.....and easy for management and stakeholders to track on bespoke dashboards.

We already know that companies that have a genuine green agenda attract more ambitious young talent who want to make a true difference.

TFocus Energy can help you create a sense of team purpose by helping you instill sustainable change in your organisation. We train, engage, measure ESG Growth success metrics and enable your team to keep on track with compliance.

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