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Our Services

At TFocus Energy we offer clients a bespoke service tailored to the individual needs of their business. We understand that energy management and the journey to becoming more sustainable is not a one-fits-all solution.

With energy management now firmly on company agendas, we want to ensure that UK businesses receive the correct advice and support on their journey to net zero. We believe our business is here to bring disruption to the market through sustainable growth.

Our Services:

Bill validation

This is a service we offer free to all businesses in the UK, you will receive an energy audit which includes, pinpointing where improvements can be made in energy reduction, identifying historical overcharges and any VAT/CCL reclaims and future procurement strategies allowing you to take advantage of market dips to ensure best value for money is achieved!

Procurement/Account Management & Invoice Validation:

Procurement through TFocus is easy, we will manage the tendering process for you, looking at all suppliers in the market to ensure the best prices are achieved, with a variety of different tariff options giving you the flexibility to take advantage when market prices are low. We provide dedicated account managers for the duration of the energy supply contract dealing with any queries or supplier issues on your behalf. As energy invoices are not always correct, we validated all invoices and corrected any errors with the supplier before approving this for payment.

Property Management Services:

We provide property management companies with a unique service taking the stress away so you can concentrate on other areas of your business. We provide capacity checks, capacity upgrades, new connections and procurement contracts.

Energy monitoring systems:

Our energy monitoring services are created to assist businesses and organizations in enhancing their energy efficiency, decreasing carbon emissions, and attaining their energy goals. These services offer effective solutions for overseeing, controlling, and decreasing energy consumption, resulting in significant improvements and changes that businesses can observe.

Implementation of renewables:

We have a variety of partners ranging from solar, hydrogen, wind, and biomass solutions. Our partners are specialists in providing the correct advice for your business. Implementation of renewables can be a cost-effective way for businesses to reduce their energy consumption.

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