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Energy Bill reclaim

Many clients we have acted for regarding Energy Bill Reclaim have seen 400-500 per cent uplifts in electricity and gas bills. Energy is now firmly on board agendas. Energy firms and brokers are often orientated towards commission optimisation and shareholder returns at the expense of safeguarding the stability, reduction, renewability and sustainability of client energy consumption.

Bill Validation ​

Inaccurate bills are quite common and quite concerning as this could place a substantial burden on your business.​ Resolving this is very time consuming. ​This is why TFocus Energy provide an energy bill reclaim and validation service to ensure everything is set up correctly;​

We also check for any VAT & CCL overpayments alongside your Finance team or Accountant and retrospectively claim it back for you.

Procurement Service for Gas, Electricity & Water

In addition to our Energy Bill Reclaim service, we offer a bespoke service to ensure each individual clients needs are met. ​

We rigorously monitor the market to ensure your organisation is strategically purchasing energy and gas at the right time. ​

TFocus Energy works with all energy suppliers to ensure our clients have an extensive range of options to ensure flexibility and best value for money.​

Our TFocus Energy team are not deal focused ; we are inspired to work with you forever and will always look at what is beneficial to you in the medium or long term.

Account management ​

Your dedicated account manager will be on hand whenever you need and will be working in the background to ensure that ​ everything is running smoothly.​They will do the time consuming legwork, research and negotiation on your behalf.

Invoices Validation​

We will validate your energy bills to ensure all charges are correct and that bills are based on correct meter readings;​ We will then approve the bill ready for payment.​

Meter upgrades & new connections​

We will arrange any upgrade or new meter install you may require.​

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